Day 732:Each age has deemed the new-born year/The fittest time for festal cheer-Sir Walter Scott

In the last two weeks I have managed to make progress with my goals. During the past week I read two books in French, L’héritière, and La Couronne, books 4 and 5 of the Selection series by Kiera Cass. I managed to clean up some old paperwork, and began my bullet journal.

The bullet journal is something I hadn’t even heard of until late last year! But it’s extremely useful! I hope to post images of mine here at my blog eventually.

Though the month of January will be nearly over in another two weeks, I don’t want to forget my resolutions this year. Nay, if anything, I want to fulfill more of my goals and get better at doing my resolutions as the year draws near December.


Happy New Year! New Year’s Goals and Resolutions.

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When does the new year really begin? It begins with the dawn, when we fill our lungs with air that seems as fresh as the year before us.

With a new year, comes the chance at a new life, In 2017, there are a thousand things we can do, a thousand things we can wish for, but only a few that can come true. Let the best of those things come true in 2017.

You, skimming this entry, might live to be 100, but even if you do–you cannot waste 2017, because it will still be at least 1% of your life, far too much to waste.

Don’t waste 2017.

Today I finished drawing up the list below, the official goals and resolutions are things that are most important, that I must accomplish, the “unofficial” ones are things I might like to accomplish, but I realize I might not be able to.

Official Goals

1. Redecorate my room.
2. Create a customized cookbook for my mother.
3. Assist my father in writing his autobiography.
4. Post an excerpt of my novel to the internet.
5. Start an art journal.
6. Get a job and work at it for at least 3 months.
7. Organize my research.

Official Resolutions

1. Get up by 7 AM and go to bed by 10 PM every day, except for weekends and holidays.
2. Exercise intensely for at least ½ hour a day, or 3 hours a week.
3. Post to my personal blog at least once a week.
4. Stop eating sugar more than once a week.
5. Spend at least one hour a day reading, writing, or listening to a foreign language.
6. Practice the piano and recorder for at least an hour each, daily.
7. Leave comments, reviews and feedback more often.

Unofficial Goals

1. Practice one of my hobbies for at least 1000 hours.
2. Complete 100 days of productivity challenge.
3. Win at Camp NaNoWriMo in April.
4. Win at Camp NaNoWriMo in July.
5. Give up film, television, and recorded music for Lent.
6. Participate in Inktober.
7. Master 100 new pieces of music on the piano or recorder.

Unofficial Resolutions

1. 50% of what I read, watch or listen to must be in another language.
2. Try a new fitness challenge each month.
3. Use my Kate Spade 2017 planner on a daily basis.
4. Never have overdue library books.
5. Write an average of 500 words per day.
6. Strive for a zero impact lifestyle.
7. Read at least 3 chapters of my Bible daily.