Day 499: 9 out of 10 ain’t bad…

Until August 23 I have about 90 days, so I decided to draw up a list of goals to try to work on during that time, will I manage to do all of them? Who knows, but at least 9 out of 10 won’t be bad?

Top 10 for 90 Days!

1. Write at least 1 letter.

2. Work off at least 20 pounds by healthy diet and exercise.

3. Go for 30 days without listening to any recorded music or watching any movies or TV.

4. Learn to play at least 4 pieces on the recorder by heart.

5. Take at least 5 photographs and post them online.

6. Learn to play at least 6 pieces of music on the piano by heart.

7. Read at least 7 classic novels from the 18th century.

8. Write at least 80,000 words of fiction or non-fiction.

9. Cross at least 9 goals off my 365 goal list.

10. Read at least 10 books from my Goodreads 18th century research shelf.


Day 496: The sun rises on summer vacation…

Today I went, early in the morning, to have surgery done on my upper jaw, though it went well, they prescribed some medication (three bottles of pills) and I am left feeling slightly dizzy. The nausea which the papers that came with the bottles forewarned of.

Three months from now (after a few check-ups and minor procedures in between), I will be done. Until then, I am supposed to take it easy, that means, for me, summer vacation begins now.

There is a lot I want to do, learn Italian, and German too! Practice French some more, by reading more novels, try to get better at playing the piano or recorder. Reach my goals for weight loss, eat healthier, try to write more often, and read at least 100 books!

Day 475: The day I changed my goals

Last month, after listening to the piece above, I changed my mind about playing the flute, which I had listed among my goals, since I began last year. I went through my list of goals and replaced “flute” with “recorder”. I still want to play the flute one day, but within the next few years, I prefer to focus on the recorder.

There are so many beautiful works written for this instrument.

Before I began researching baroque music, I used to love the sound of the flute in the compositions of Bach or Vivaldi, but now that I have researched more, I’ve found that the instrument I heard often wasn’t the flute, but the recorder. Yes, I am a little disappointed that I can’t start playing the flute right now. But I don’t think I am missing out, because the recorder has a rich repertoire as well.