Goal 364: I won NaNoWriMo!


Guess who won NaNoWriMo? Yes I started three days late, and I temporarily changed my time-zone to finish and validate on time, but I did it! My story Night Bites: or the Perks of Being a Vampire might not be a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but I did manage to pull off several things I’d always wanted to do in a novel someday!

Things I managed to do in Night Bites that I have always wanted to:

  • No romance between any of the characters, despite the seductive vampiress or the caring long-time female friend.
  • Used the setting of a city where I have actually been, including referencing real life shops and restaurants.
  • Managed to make three of my leading characters Christians, and have it influence them, while only using two Bible verses!

Excerpt (where Theodore describes his friends trying to help him research):

Ashley started doing intensive research on Russia and the Baltic sea, she sent me images of centuries old portraits, asking me if any of them looked like the vampiress. Mike spent way too much time at conspiracy theory websites, looking for postings of the paranormal, eventually he branched out, looking through horror fiction for stuff that even remotely sounded like symptoms of vampirism. My browser history became a crazy mixture of sasquatch sightings, haute couture sales and news of the weird. We started assembling a database of all the information.

“What do we if anyone finds it?” I asked Ashley one day.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Says it’s for a fantasy novel we’re writing, best excuse ever.”

It’s really harrowing, but I would love to do it again next year, maybe in French!