Day 108: I tried to create a suit of armor around the world… but I created something terrible…

I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron with my Mom today, before the movie, we went shopping for lipstick, cereal bowls, stopped by the book store, and merchandise at the Disney store. The movie was good, although the first and second Captain America films remain my favorites out of the entire MCU series to date. Basically, if you enjoyed the first Avengers, you’ll like this one, with a team that’s now gotten to know (and care for) each other, nice cinematography on several different continents, and a slightly different, but no less stirring score. That said, many will probably feel this was plagued by the same problems lamented in the first Avengers, too many characters, with too much happening at once, and spotlight in the final act being given to the action rather than the actors. Personally I thought this effort was slightly better, with a chilling villain, and international scope (they really went to Europe, Africa and Asia to film some of their scenes)!

Afterward we picked up some dishes we had bought earlier, went to the Disney store again, and finished by going to Goodwill, where my Dad picked us up, then we grabbed some hamburgers before going home.